Founded by Angel Orsini, Christopher Annino and Kadrolsha Ona, and owned by Tag Team Friendship Productions.  Our mission is to unite, educate, promote and preserve the integrity of New England music and the people who represent it. We want to help not just the music scene but the musician. Music has no gender or race and just like it we don’t discriminate.

The main objective is to promote and preserve the New England Music scene. Artists and other individuals who are not based out of New England will be taken into consideration only if they have strongly promoted and toured in New England during their career. Our goal is to unite the New England Music scene to encourage people to work together rather than against each other. Music is therapy helping people manage the negative aspects of the stresses of life while celebrating the joys of it as well.

Our goal is to alleviate the pain and stress and heal through music. In the process we strive to unite numerous musical societies, properly network, and educate the public with various artists.  In general we will help artists because they have a place to advertise their craft, more places to network and platforms for them to perform. If they don’t agree with us, we will promote them anyway. We promote music and take that commitment seriously but will not facilitate negative aspects of ego.

Our integrity is everything and everyone we support must perform at a certain caliber.  We hope this unity will breathe life back into New England Music scene.

Once a year we honor people in or associated with New England music scene. However, throughout the year with the NEMHOF All Star Band will perform and promote, acting as ambassadors but also giving musicians opportunities to play with each other.

Our future goals are to expand and increase our reach in order to fundraise, not only for more events and musicians in need, but in addition for musical scholarships and to increase student engagement of all ages in all schools for music through outreach programs.


MEMBERSHIP is coming soon which will allow members to nominate and vote for Candidates for a yearly paid subscription. The benefits of the subscription is for individuals not only to nominate & vote, but also to partake in various NEMHOF events, special offers, coupons and discounts.  If you're interested in becoming a member, please fill out a form on the Contact Us page.  Thank you for your support!


Music Hall Of Fame
Our Mission
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